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Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre is a material consisting of fibres about 3-15 μm in diameter and composed mostly of carbon atoms. The carbon atoms are bonded together in crystals that are aligned parallel to the long axis of the fibre. The crystal alignment gives the fibre high strength-to-volume ratio. Carbon fibres show hight stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion.

Carbon fibres are usually combined with other materials to form a composite. When combined with a polymer (mainly epoxy) resin and wound or molded it forms carbon fibre reinforced plastic.

Carbon fibre reinforced plastics have a very high strength-to-weight ratio and are extremely rigid, being stronger than steel but several times lighter.


System of external reinforcement

The reinforcement system based on a carbon cloth can restore and increase the carrying capacity of structures in a short time and less effort than traditional methods, as well as significantly increase the life of the structure.

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