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Carbon Fibre Fabric-plain-600-6K-300, Ct-12012

Carbon Fibre Fabric-plain-600-6K-300, Ct-12012

Balanced carbon fibre fabrics are used in various industrial applications due to the uncomparable in their physical and mechanical properties.

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For applications where more than one fibre orientation iss required, a fabric combining 0 and 90 degrees fibre orientations is useful. The majority of these are woven products. 0/90 degrees fabrics can be produced by stitching or weaving process.

Woven fabrics are produced by the interlacing of warp (0 degrees) fibres and weft (90 degrees) fibres in a regular pattern or weave style. The fabric's integrity is maintained by the mechanical interlocking of hte fibres. Drape (the ability of a fabric to conform to a complex surface), surface smoothness and stability of a fabric are controlled primarily by the weave style.

  • Material type


  • Number of filaments


  • Producer

    CJSC "Prepreg-ACM"

  • Fabric Width

    600 mm

  • Surface Density

    300 g/m2

  • Weaving type


  • Length

    100 m

  • Fabric Producer(base)

    Other manufacturers

  • Fabric Producer(weft)

    Other manufacturers

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System of external reinforcement

The reinforcement system based on a carbon cloth can restore and increase the carrying capacity of structures in a short time and less effort than traditional methods, as well as significantly increase the life of the structure.

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