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FibArm Fiber WA

FibArm Fiber WA

Applied mainly as internal reinforcement of bitumen-concrete mixtures as an additive to the mixture in 1/1000 ratio. FIBARM fiber WA additive allows to increase strength properties of a mixture, which ensures a minimum 20% time increase of the period between repairs.

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– Enhanced compression strength at 50С;
– Increased shear strength and crack resistance;
– Rut formation rate falls from 7.22 mm to 3.80 mm (10,000 passes, 0.6 MPa load, t = 50°C).

Application Areas

– Upper layers of bitumen concretes: A, B, C, GMBC (gravel mastic bitumen concrete).

FIBARM fibre WA has been approved by the leading road research laboratories of Russia including RosDorNII (Russian Road
Scientific and Research Institute), Dortechproject, NIIMosstroy (Scientific Research Institute of Moscow Construction). Micro
reinforcement with special PAN fibre has been approved at Rosavtodor (Federal Highway Agency of Ministry of Transport of
the Russian Federation). At present, Rosavtodor is finilising the 2nd stage of research on technologies of bitumen concrete
reinforcement with synthetic fibres.

Special PAN fibre and FibARM carbon fibre
STO 2272 -007-82666421-2011 (Special PAN fibre)
STO 75969440-018-2011 (Special oxidized PAN fibre)
STO 759694440-020-2011 (Carbon fibre)
STO 94812603-023-2011 (Carbon fibre)

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