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CJSC "Prepreg-ACM"

CJSC "Prepreg-ACM"

"Prepreg-Advanced Composite Materials" as project purpose has:

Creation of Russian-based facilities for manufacturing prepregs designed for polymer composites made of high-quality carbon and mineral fibers based on nano-modified and nano-filled polyimide and epoxy resins.

The company is located in Moscow.

In 2011 the production facilities (including full infrastructure) have been moved into the new 200,000-square-meter business park opened on the territory of the former Leninsky Komsomol Automotive Plant.

CEO is Leonid Melamed.

The production of Prepreg-ACM is certified according to ISO 9001

Legal address: 119415, Moscow, Vernadskogo prospect, 37, building 2. Delivery and warehouse address: Volgogradsky prospect 42, build 5, Moscow, 109316, Russia Postal address: Volgogradsky prospect 43, build 3, Moscow, 109316, Russia INN 7729632610, KPP 772901001 ОGRN 1097746268234 ОКPO 61664530

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