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LLC "Prepreg-Dubna"

LLC "Prepreg-Dubna"

Prepreg-Dubna being part of Holding Company "Composite" is in the process of establishing production of carbon fibre based technical fabrics. The manufacturing site is located in Dubna special economic zone, in the suburbs of Moscow. The new plant is built in record short time - construction will take less than one year.

The site is equipped with top-notch looms and a tow spreading machine which allows to manufacture carbon fibre based non-woven materials. Weaving capacity in next few years will reach 2 000 tons of material per annum.

The company is targeting at development and manufacturing of new types of products applied in aviation, shipbuilding, civil construction, energetics, pipeline transport, commodity products, etc. The new production site will be fully loaded after having been commissioned this autumn.

Carbon fabrics are part of a composite material. Thanks to its unique characteristics and low weight and incredible strength, such materials are demanded in many industry branches: aviation, marine, automotive, construction.

Legal address: 8, Technologicheskaya street, Dubna 141981, Moscow region, Russia, Production location: 8, Technologicheskaya street, Dubna, Moscow region, 141981, Russia Tel / Fax: +7 495 787 88 28 Taxpayer registration number: 5010043203 Registration reason code: 501001001 Primary state registration number: 1115010001138 Registration number as a resident of special economic zone Dubna 2011510228729


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