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Композитные материалы для аэрокосмической отрасли

UD Non-Crimp fabrics
UD Non-Crimp fabrics
Uni-directional non-crimp carbon fibre fabrics can be used for various composite applications to achieve excellent physical-mechanical properties.

Modern aerospace machinery would be impossible without polymer composite materials. When developing space exploration tools there is a need for new materials able to bear space flight loads (high temperatures and pressure, launch ascent vibration loads, outer space low temperatures, deep vacuum, radiation, micro-particles impact, etc.), with a fairly small weight.

Many of these materials are lighter stronger then metal alloys (aluminium and titan) with suitable physical properties . Application of composite materials allows to reduce weight of the end product (rocket, spacecraft) by 10…50% depending on structure type and, accordingly, reduce fuel consumption with increased reliability.

Currently, carbon fibre reinforced plastics are being widely used in aviation and rocket production. Carbon fibres and composite materials produced form them have deep black colour and conduct electricity quite well, which ensures some special characteristics.


System of external reinforcement

The reinforcement system based on a carbon cloth can restore and increase the carrying capacity of structures in a short time and less effort than traditional methods, as well as significantly increase the life of the structure.

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