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Gain on the verge of a possible

In 2012, the lightweight and durable materials, innovative holding company "Composite" in the pilot mode, will be renovated five engineering facilities in three Russian regions. At the end of 2011 materials from uglekompozitov two bridges have been strengthened in Kazan, included in the plan for the preparation of engineering facilities for the Universiade 2013. As a result of increased load on the bearing support has increased by 30% compared with the original.


At the end of 2011 resulted in some repairs of bridges in Kazan, which are included in the plan preparation of facilities for the Universiade 2013. Holding innovative materials, "Composite" has been reconstructed through the underpass number 3 Mamadyshsky tract. This place is one of the main road arteries of the capital of Tatarstan. Reconstruction of the bridge was carried out with the use of external reinforcement systems (NEA). In the construction industry, NEA is used as part of strengthening and repair of concrete and wooden structures. The advantages of the material: high tensile strength , corrosion and chemical resistance , low weight and durability.


for repairs does not require any lifting equipment. A small team of workers pasted six intermediate supports carbon ribbons. Ultimately, the carrying capacity of cross-sectional area of ​​one of support after repair increased from 11.5 MPa to 15 MPa, which is 224 tons per column. Total capacity of the bridge after amplification increased by 30%. Now it can withstand even a global cap of KAMAZ trucks loaded. The total estimate for the strengthening of the new method was 678.34 thousand rubles, while the estimate for the same set of works by traditional method (amplification bearing metal) is equal to 804.27 rubles, thus, managed to save 16%.


same method has been renovated overpass at the intersection of Prospect Avenue and Ibragimov Yamasheva also included in the set of Big Rim Kazan.


last year with the use of external reinforcement system was repaired technical floor in an apartment house in Nizhny Novgorod on the streets of Medicine.


In 2012, innovative materials, the holding company "Composite" will be repaired five engineering facilities in the Republic of Tatarstan and on an experimental basis of Sakha (Yakutia). The plans of the reconstruction of the Great Rings of Kazan in Tatarstan, etc. Yamasheva - Pobeda street from the station. Street to the Decembrists. Sakharov. Composite materials based on carbon fiber will also be used to repair the overpass at the III transport dam. Another object is included in the set of Big Rim Kazan, who also will be reconstructed uglekompozitami - an overpass at the intersection of the ring with Big Kazan Orenburg tract.

  In the Republic of Tatarstan

scheduled maintenance carbon ribbons bearing the bridge over the river Allium, located near the village on the road Mamsya "Arsk the boundary of Mari El" Arsk municipal area.


And in the Republic of Sakha "Yakutia" will be the reconstruction of the road bridge over the river near the village of Cataract Kangalasy and a bridge across the river Kamalas-Yuryage at the site of the road, "We».


Head of the carbon on the ribbons in the construction of the holding company "Composite" Guzel Afanasyev said that all five sites have already done the design.


According to her special interest is the repair of bridges in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in operation structures at low temperatures, "spans of the bridge, worn during the operation, decided to reinforce the use of external reinforcement carbon bands. Our goal - to prove the possibility of applying new technologies in the extreme conditions at low temperatures and repeated transition through zero. " Afanasyev explained that preliminary studies at the Institute of Oil and Gas Academy of Sciences showed that the initial strength of the reinforced carbon material samples is 1.2 times higher than the unreinforced at-20C, and 1.3 times at a temperature of-70C. According to calculations by designers as a result of reinforcement of the spans of the bridge carbon ribbons to increase carrying capacity by at least 10%.


System of external reinforcement

The reinforcement system based on a carbon cloth can restore and increase the carrying capacity of structures in a short time and less effort than traditional methods, as well as significantly increase the life of the structure.

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