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Applied innovations

Russian scientists are developing an innovative method of forming polyacrylonitrile precursor. According to their calculations, this technology will provide high-strength carbon fiber, a new quality for the needs of the aerospace industry. The first part of the project was presented at a meeting of the Scientific-Technical Council of the Holding Company "Composite" on February 3. Holding "Composite" declared its readiness to invest in progressive development.

last Friday at the central office of the holding company "Composite" was this year's first meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council (STC), which includes the chief executives of Russian science. He was presented the report of the rheology of the largest Russian scientist, Corresponding Member of RAS Valery Kulichikhin on "Development of new methods of forming the precursor PAN-based studies of physical-chemical bases of the molding process." On the basis of phase equilibria studies scholar suggested forming a highly efficient technology mehanotropnogo PAN precursor. PAN precursor - the white fiber, which is the raw material for the production of carbon fiber. The higher the quality the source material, the higher the strength of carbon fiber. Hard Carbon fiber is used in the aerospace industry.

In aircraft composite materials based on high-strength carbon fiber used in the manufacture of structures of different aircraft, including a particularly critical power components, including such constructions as the wing center section, the keel, the elements of mechanization, etc. In the aerospace industry from producing uglekompozitov design payload fairing launch vehicles for various purposes.

According to academician Alexander Berlin, took part in the meeting of the NTS to produce high-strength carbon fiber in Russia there are some difficulties, "medium quality carbon fiber we can get, but certainly can not go to high strength. The strength of domestic fiber is twice lower than those, for example, produce our Japanese competitors. " The situation, according to Berlin, is complicated by the fact that the share of production technology, raw materials (PAN precursor) to obtain high-strength fibers nobody in the world wants. Foreign competitors JSC HC "Composite" jealously guard their secrets. Recall carbon fibers produced in factories OOO «Argon" and "LLC" Plant of carbon and composite materials ", owned by the State Corporation" Rosatom "and under the management holding company" Composite ».

However, the Russian scientific thought in this sense does not stand still. The obvious proof of this are the development team headed by Corresponding Member of RAS V.G.Kulichihina in TIPS RAS. Topchiev. According to academician of Berlin, the technology proposed at a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council - an innovative approach to the problem of forming polyacrylonitrile fiber. In view of the same VG Kulichikhin, but this technology will revolutionize the technological process of spinning PAN precursor.

CEO of the holding company "Composite" Leonid Melamed, shares the optimism of VG Kulichikhin: "These results are very interesting mehatropnogo molding." According L.Melameda for the development and implementation of technology, primarily to evaluate the possibility of pre-work and a host mnogofilomentnogo forming: "We are part of this fund, as well as connect our research center, and our engineers." The Director-General of the holding company "Composite" and expressed the willingness to buy all the equipment necessary for the implementation of the proposed technology scientists.

NTS created as a consultative and advisory body to the General Director of the Company to scientific methods, information-analytical and expert support of the holding company "Composite". In the area of ​​responsibility includes the core issues of scientific and technological activities and to contribute effectively to the implementation of research and development activities of R & D and innovation projects. During the year four meetings of the Scientific Council.

NTS was established in 2010. There are such major Russian scientists, as director of the Institute of Chemical Physics RAS, Academician Alexander Berlin, General Director of FSUE VIAM, Academician Yevgeny Kablov, Corresponding Member of RAS, Director of the IPKF Sciences Ozerin Alexander, vice president, director of the Academy of Sciences academician with IPCP . M. Aldoshin, Academician VN Parmon, etc.


System of external reinforcement

The reinforcement system based on a carbon cloth can restore and increase the carrying capacity of structures in a short time and less effort than traditional methods, as well as significantly increase the life of the structure.

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