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A 30,000-Dollar Idea

We would like to invite you to take part in our contest for the best technical solution for splitting of carbon fibre tows.

Composite Holding Company announces a contest for the best technical solution for splitting of carbon fibre tows. The contest is open for any companies and/or individuals who would like to compete for an award.

'It would not be far-fetched to say that we are dealing with technologies of the future, therefore, we are ready to support innovative technical solutions. We announced a contest for the best idea on how to split carbon fibre tows. Everyone is welcome to take part and win! We need your talent and cutting-edge solutions for unique materials and technologies!', said Leonid Melamed, CEO of Composite Holding Company.

The contest will involve two stages. First, following applications review, contest committee will determine not more than four winners and award a 1,000-dollar prize to each winner. Second, selected solutions will undergo technical expertise at the company's production facility, which will result in announcing the winner. The winner will be awarded 30,000 dollars.

Contest applications should be sent to Composite Holding's e-mail address by March 1, 2012. For further information and contest documentation please visit the Holding's website at, and navigate to Contests.

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System of external reinforcement

The reinforcement system based on a carbon cloth can restore and increase the carrying capacity of structures in a short time and less effort than traditional methods, as well as significantly increase the life of the structure.

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